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8 tips to help you hit more fairways this winter.

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The penalty for missing fairways during the winter season are harsh. Hitting more fairways during the winter months is absolutely crucial, far more so than during the warm, dry, summer months. If you miss the fairway you run the risk of losing your ball under leaves, losing it in a plugged lie or ending up with such a bad lie you’re only option is to hack the ball out sideways. I’ve listed a few points to help you hit more fairways over the coming months, some may apply to you and some may not but hopefully they will help you up your ‘fairways hit’ stats:

If you hit the fairway more often you can take advantage of the winter rules; hitting a longer shot from the fairway with a clean, dry, ball and clubface is often easier than a shorter shot from a thick, wet, rough lie with a dirty ‘mudball’. Hitting more fairways at this time of year WILL reduce your scores, make the game so much more enjoyable and help you take the money off your friends, the latter being so very pleasurable.