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When is a ‘great deal’ not so ‘great’……

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An example of when a ‘great deal’ is not quite as ‘great’ as it first seemed…..

The 2018 season is just around the corner and true to form, there’s a minefield of new kit out there, all designed to lower your scores and enhance your enjoyment of the game. To go with the new kit is a minefield of golf stores you can buy from. Some would claim to be offering the best deal there is in town, but when you drill down to the bottom of these so called ‘great deals’, are they really that great?

The story of a ‘real misfit’.

We had a golfer arrive last week with a brand new driver that he couldn’t get on with (only launched two weeks ago, fitted at a local driving range). He still hit the ball too high and his slice if anything had worsened. Michael fitted the golfer only to find the loft on the new driver had been decreased (increasing slice spin) and the shaft was a super lightweight, high launching, regular shaft (hence too much height). It didn’t take a rocket scientist (very lucky as we don’t have one in our current staff, excluding Annette) to figure out this club was ill fitting to this golfer. We fitted the correct combination/settings sorted and that was that, or so we thought…..
We did a little digging into the deal the golfer had received on his original fitting and found the following:

1. He’d paid more for the driver (£42 more) at the outset
2. He’d been promised a ‘great trade-in deal’ but actually only ended up with £15 (approx.) extra on the normal trade-in value on his old driver
3. He hadn’t been fitted with a launch monitor
4. He hadn’t been fitted by a Professional Golfer, trained to fit golf clubs with a launch monitor so he wasn’t able to see the spin rates, launch angles and dispersion (accuracy) with his own eyes

After all of the above, unsurprisingly the fitting was inaccurate

If he’d come to see us at the beginning of the process, the simple facts are:

1. He’d have paid less for the driver at the outset
2. He could still trade-in his old driver at the correct current UK GBP value
3. He would have received loyalty points to come off the price of the fairway wood he wants to add in the future
4. Most importantly, his new driver would have been fitted properly and be right for his individual needs to help him improve his driving.

We are well aware that buying a new driver or set of irons is not an insignificant amount of money. It’s imperative you have someone qualified along with the modern technology of a launch monitor to help you find the club/s that suit your individual needs. We can help you improve your ball flight whether it’s distance, height (lower/higher) or accuracy, ideally all three.

Quite often our fittings end up saving the golfer money by buying the correct amount of clubs.
Our launch monitors combined with our PGA Professional custom fitting staff are here to help you make the right choice; DON’T LEAVE IT TO CHANCE!

Call us on 01732 844022 to find out more about our custom club fitting service.