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Callaway MAVRIK Driver – Distance That Defies Convention

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MAVRIK Driver.

Distance That Defies Convention; the all NEW MAVRIK Driver from Callaway is due to be one of the most hotly talked about products of 2020. So what do you need to know about MAVRIK:

Q. What type of golfer are these designed for?

A. Quite simply every golfer, it’s the club-head that could be used by a beginner to a professional.

It’s the Driver that Callaway would envisage everyone being able to enjoy, the other two models (Sub-Zero & Max) are most definitely aimed at a “certain type” of player with a wish list. MAVRIK knows no boundaries.


MAVRIK Sub Zero.

Distance That Defies Convention; the all NEW MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver from Callaway. So what do you need to know about MAVRIK Sub Zero:

Q. What type of golfer is Sub-Zero designed for?

A. Sub-Zero will suit the golfer who creates too much backspin on their drives; this is not just the low handicappers! If your drives land and don’t run on, leaving you behind your friends drives, then you could be suffering from a case of “High Spin Syndrome” (HSS). Try MAVRIK Sub-Zero in a fitting, lower your spin rates for longer drives and turn HSS into MFO (Mine’s Further On!).



When driver accuracy matters and you have a tendency to slice MAVRIK MAX is the driver to transform your game.

Q. What type of golfer is MAX designed for?

A. Quite simply, the golfer struggling with a slice. MAX is designed to reduce slice spin using placement of the weighting system. Reduce the slice spin, you in turn reduce backspin, therefore although distance wouldn’t necessarily be your objective you’ll gain distance as a result of reducing sidespin.


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